Hey there, I'm Alex, the creator of Robo Translator!

I wanted to build an easy-to-use machine translation service without subscriptions or extra hidden costs. I wanted a translation service that's quick and efficient, yet simple and focused. Well, that's exactly what Robo Translator is all about!

With the power of OpenAI and Azure Cognitive Services, I brought this project to life in about three weeks. The goal of Robo Translator is to simplify the way you localize content, any content - text, audio, or video. Whether you use it once or whenever you create a new piece of content, Robo Translator will be your trusty assistant without nagging you about a monthly bill. The pricing is super simple - pay only for what you use!

Use Robo Translator to supercharge your content by localizing it to reach your global audience. Robo Translator — designed to make language barriers a thing of the past!

Get in touch with us

Get in touch with us if you have any questions about our Robo Translator service:

Technical support -

We have a physical address too:

Erudika Ltd.
4 Lelinska Chuka Str.
1618 Sofia, Bulgaria
VAT#: BG-200368755

P.S. As a product of a tiny independent software company, Robo Translator will always make customers' privacy top priority and will never track them. This is my personal guarantee.